Apostle island cruises

See the unique red sandstone caves, formed millions of years ago. The caves over time have eroded away slowly, creating caves and tunnels throughout the twenty two islands. Atop the islands are outcrops of white burch, white cedar, white pines and quaking aspens. On a few of the islands stand the old lighthouses, who guided ships to shore safely. 

Take a kayak tour through the caves for an experience like no other. Bring your hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and the kids for a great time. Paddle along in the eighteen foot Looksha T tandem kayaks. Get up close to the sandstone and even travel under the sandstone arches. 

Try the overnight camping and shuttle either to the Stockton Island or the Oak Island. Hike along the islands shores and see the unique scenery. Enjoy camping on an island, overnight isolated and alone with nature. Campers will enjoy an awesome night under the stars like no other experience

Enjoy a verity of tours, like the rocky, wreckage tour. See the remains of ships in a glass bottom ship and see the rocks and a glimpse of sea life. Or maybe one of the lighthouse tours, take a boat and a guide to one of the islands lighthouse and look from the top at the beautiful area. 

Take a tour to most of the islands for a unique experience. Travel with family and friends on a ship and enjoy up close the red sandstone Apostle Islands. Take pictures, and look at the shimmering water. Look at the islands from a lighthouse or even a kayak. Come visit the Apostle Islands.